Topic: The Lego Trading Station

This is the place where you can sell any Lego that you do not want or if you want to trade a Lego set of yours for a Lego set that someone else is selling then that's fine as long as both agree. All trades, payments, postage etc. has to be decided between the seller and the buyer or in the case of a trade the two who are trading. Once the item that you are selling is gone you must edit the original post/ create a new post to say that it has been sold.

Alternatively, if you are selling any Lego on other websites (Bricklink, eBay etc.) then you can make a post here to notify people who may be interested. In addition to this, if there is any offers for Lego on websites such as Amazon then feel free to tell others about them.

NOTE: This is about Lego sets/minifigures/parts/boxes/instructions ONLY, any other items cannot be posted here.

Happy selling/trading! mini/smile

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