Topic: B.W.C Brickfilmer Writing Collaboration

This is the new thread replacing the one made by Weasel, who is the original creator of this.  This is the a topic for a story collaboration between members of BiM, we meet every Friday from 7:00-9:00 central time, to help with the story, go to the BiM Chat Room and ask Weasel or I for the link to the channel. In each session, we will brainstorm, give ideas for what we want to happen in the new post, and then select someone to write it. We will then give critiques, change it, and then I will post the new addition on the topic and give credit to the contributors and the person who actually wrote it.

NOTE: Weasel and I are the mods for this topic and the live chat.

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Re: B.W.C Brickfilmer Writing Collaboration

I postponed this Fridays meeting due to a very low amount of users. We will be having the same topic as the first one next week.

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