Topic: Single Object Brickfilm Challenge


- All entry's must be between fifteen seconds and one minute.

- You cannot have a set other then the baseplate(s), and backdrop.

- You can only film with one object. The object can be anything, (as long as it's LEGO) a minifigure, a brickbuilt gun,
anything, as long as it's twenty pieces or under.

-No gore or language.

- All entry's must be submitted by May first.

- Please PM your entry to me. after the winner is announced, you can post it publicly on your channel.


1st place: Five likes on YouTube channel.

2nd place: Three like on YouTube channel.

3rd place: One like on YouTube channel.


If you really want to join but don't own a YouTube a count, PM me and I'll think of a reward for you if you win.

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Re: Single Object Brickfilm Challenge

What does it mean to get a like on YouTube channel?


my dad doesn't want me to brickfilm on because it's his computer, but he's not home right now at the moment.

Re: Single Object Brickfilm Challenge

If you get first place, you will get one like on five different videos. If you have less then five videos, I'll just wait until you
post more. You won't lose the reward. I do realise that the rewards are small. This is my first contest.

Re: Single Object Brickfilm Challenge

Oh and you can not have two objects that together are under twenty pieces.

Re: Single Object Brickfilm Challenge

Not much time left. I hope you all do well!