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Hey guys! Here is a quick question, that I'm sure many of you know. Is back up and bigger than BiM? Is BiM more popular? Or is up and more popular than BiM? I kind of want to know because I want my videos in a more active community so they can be seen. It doesn't seem that BiM is as active as it used to be, and I'm wondering if it's because is back up (if it even is). I went on the site, and the posts look pretty recent, so I'm guessing it is. Which leaves one final question. Is more active than BiM? Please awnser. Thx mini/smile

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Ah, no....BiM is, and for the foreseeable future will be, the premiere brickfilming website.
Take a look at the "Last post/Freshness" times here, and on

Yes, it seems like BiM is getting a bit less active than it used to be, but that's been discussed a lot lately in other topics.
Brickfilms was the best site....Years and years ago. But not anymore, and it's never recovered it's former glory.
For better or worse, nothing compares to BiM nowadays. Not Brickfilms, not Eurobricks, not nothing. Well, BrickABrack maybe, but that's in french, and they seem to have fewer posts than we do here.

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I'd imagine the more people active at, the more ad revenue garnered for the site- if that weren't the case, I'd say to just post on both. Ultimately you can do that regardless of what I suggest, I just don't personally like the idea of giving patronage to BF. The community is what determines the strength of a forum; fresh films are a good way to draw in community members. BiM has been slightly less active recently, but it's still much more active than BF, and has a higher level of discourse in general. If you want quality feedback and have to choose one site, BiM is the better option.

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I was on for a short while.  I don't like it.  Not only that, their interface is very Facebook-esque, and Facebook's layout and channel design has always been sub-par.

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Give BiM a make-over and you got something much better than Brickfilms in my opinion.

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I might have just joined in 2010. But, believe it or not, I can remember back when, in its "heyday", was everything. They had more contests, and a lot more stuff going on. Then, when the website aged, and the members "pilgrimaged" to Bricks in Motion. They flocked to join this new site. was now a barren desolation, and the new Bricks in Motion was alive with members.

Now, almost five years since its birth, Bricks in Motion is still around. But, as Pritchard said, it's not as great or active as it was years ago. In 2009, a young Bricks in Motion housed many members. But, in 2013, there are many newer members who aren't familiar with what went on in the days before they joined. I have come to be well-acquainted with these new members. But, I can't help but notice that the " pilgrims", if you will, aren't around anymore, save only a handful who were there that day, long ago, when Bricks in Motion was born.

If got a nice clean-up, I probably wouldn't mind it. But, right now, Bricks in Motion is the site where I belong.

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Bricks in motion has 1563 more members then Even if some of them are not active or banned, BIM is
clearly bigger.

Re: Bricks in Motion or is the superior online brickfilm experience, this is a simple and obvious fact. I can spend hours on, and I do, every single day. is a shell of its formal self and brings great shame to my family. I remember signing up for the Refugee Camp and things were great. Now things are terrible. I have since migrated to the bigger and stronger embrace of the community and it pleases me so much like you could not believe. It has had all of the great animators pass through its gates. ZachMG Studios, the guy who made Beast, Roy Hairyhouse, Walt Disney. is the home of amateurs such as you and myself. We are standing on the toes of giants, and the giants are so big, and they are at, and their toes are, and that is where we are right now and it is awful, and this is the truth in its entirety.

I cannot believe this question even needed to be asked. I am livid.

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