Re: The Best Brickfilms of all Time

the series "Joe Brickmond".  I binge watched the other day.

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Re: The Best Brickfilms of all Time

All right, I think I'm feeling like dropping my hat in this ring. I've seen one or two or a hundred brickfilms in my day, though I gotta say, it's a bit hard to say which ones are the "best". But I tried, oh lawdy I tried:

Coffee & Carnage by Jonnynoj

This one came out like a year or so ago? As far as I'm aware, it was supposed to come out way back in the times of, but it ended up getting delayed and delayed until it finally came out , though the YouTube version had its audio muted. Which is a DARN SHAME because this film has one of the best realized "styles" I can think of in a brickfilm. The production design and voice acting are all off the charts in this. While the animation certainly isn't the best, the sheer tenacity of the film, both in its story and subject matter, make it an awesome watch that's unlike almost any other brickfilm I've seen.

Paint by CheesyBricks

CheesyBricks has made some legit art with his brickfilms, and I'd say that this right here is his best work. His amazing ability to make it FEEL like a picture is actually being painted - how real the brush strokes feel to how satisfyingly the paint lands on the canvas - it's just incredibly executed. PUT IT IN A MUSEUM

Star Wars: The Great Disturbance by Leftfield Studios

Another one that had its audio removed on YouTube, this film, along with Coffee & Carnage, show that it's possible to make a great brickfilm at a decently long length. I mean, this is a "legit" feature film, in that it's able to both be long and actually hold my attention. Lots of well thought out humor, clever parody, and all around interesting set pieces. Leftfield is one of the godlike animators of this medium, with his other classics like ALADIBABABAD and Special Deliverance being among my favs as well, and "Great Disturbance" is another very fine work.

The Magic Portal by Lindsay Fleay

(One of) the first brickfilms, I believe it holds up remarkably well over the years, with Lindsay having figured out many of the principles of modern LEGO animation on his own all the way back in the 80's with few to no other animation's of the like to draw on. It's a tight, well-told story that mixes LEGO animation with several other mediums, along with bountiful charm.

Days of  our Pizza by Keshen

Keshen's a funny boy,  this a funny film. Never gets old.

Henri & Edmond: Copyright

I mean, friggin everybody loves Henri & Edmond. Their 3 part series has some of the best production values outta any dang thang to come outta this hobby, with great story and characters to boot. Personally, this is my favorite out of the 3. Has some well-realized action coupled with some great heart towards the end.

Got a buncha other great brickfilms in my personal fav's playlist, if yah feel so inclined.
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