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This is the VFX Gallery, a great place for VFX artists to display their work and a place for studios here on BiM to refer to when considering working with a particular artist. Please feel free to share images or videos showcasing your talent in VFX. This gallery is open to any artist with a desire to show off their work in green-screen, digital legos, artificial mouths, masking, or any other area of VFX. Please limit the discussion to an occasional comment so we can keep this thread a gallery and not a discussion of the submitted works. This will make it easier for studios to examine the work of a particular artist without being distracted by a plethora of comments.  mini/wink

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Re: VFX Gallery

The idea is good...up to when it became apparent you had an ulterior motive: scouting talent for your own project.

If it is your intention to encourage VFX artist to showcase their work, omit the part about you looking to recruit talent and this thread will seem more opened to anyone sharing their work for all to see rather than just to you.

But if it's your intention all along to just recruit talent, then don't call it a gallery.  Just say "I'm looking for VFX artist, pm me if you want to help, PM me your portfolio."

Re: VFX Gallery

we're a good community here.  We'll be fine with straight up honesty.  Don't feel hesitant or awkward about telling us directly if you want our help.

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Re: VFX Gallery

As we're not ready to scout any talent, and the gallery idea seems to be a useful one, we've edited the purpose for this thread to reflect what it is, a VFX gallery. Thank you, HoldingOurOwn and Lechnology, for your assurances and suggestions.

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