Topic: Microphone Deal of the Century

Hello everybody,
I've just received the cheapest USB microphone in the world and it captures audio as beautiful as any pro microphone out there! It's called the PlayStation Eye. It's (Obviously) made to be used with a PlayStation gaming console. But, since it's just a basic USB mic, you can plug it into your computer and use it with any audio capture program. It also has a built in camera, but the camera's garbage. The microphone however, takes amazing quality audio and sells on Ebay for as low as $3.00!!:DD mini/eek It's attached to a ball joint so you can adjust the position of it. Here's a link to an image of this amazing little mic of awesomeness!

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Re: Microphone Deal of the Century

I use this camera for my stop motion tests since it works with onion skinning, etc. which my DSLR doesn't. for example, and for subscribing! Hehehe.....

I also use it for skype, and as far as webcams go, it's fairly decent in lower light, and the framerate is solid, though it doesn't do HD and I definitely wouldn't use it for a final brickfilm, though I would say the same about any webcam.

I must warn that finding windows 7 64-bit drivers for this was a bit tricky, and after some digging was able to come up with a driver someone uploaded to a forum. I took the risk, and it works fine, and if you need a driver let me know, although I won't guarantee anything because I don't want to be held responsible.

I can also verify that, like most webcams (including the official Lego webcam from back in the day) it works perfectly out of the box in Linux of the Ubuntu/Mint/Debian variety, with Linux Stopmotion being the software of choice for my tests.