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Today is the 10th anniversary of my brickfilm Beast. I put together a video where I reflect on the production of Beast and show off some never-before-seen deleted scenes. You can check it out here.

Also, I have officially launched my website You can find information about my films, behind the scenes, FAQ, a list of equipment I use, and more. I hope to continue to update the website with more information and eventually tutorials.

Thanks for watching!

Re: Beast: 10 Years Later and the launch of

Not to go off topic, Nathan, but it's nice to finally see an update on your avatar. You look great in that photo mini/smile
Anyway, Beast has to be one of the greatest brickfilms ever made and in my opinion, your magnum opus. Also, if you haven't seen it already, I recommend watching Dyland's podcast, which he just released earlier today, in which he discusses both Beast and Grace, another masterpiece which turns 10 today. I only was introduced to the brickfilm Beast about a year ago when it was on the list of suggested videos on YouTube. I clicked on the video, and am I glad I did so! It was partly due to watching this great film that I discovered Bricksinmotion. This is a real must see and definitely a film you will want to return to many times. In the past year, I must have watched this quite a few times, because it is just so good. Out of all the brickfilms I have  seen, Beast definitely has a place in my top 5 list.

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