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What clay do you guys use for your Lego animations? The kind I use always stocks to the people and is extremely hard to get off.

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I just use Crayolla modeling clay… It's pretty bad as well, but I use tools like a tooth pick and an old tooth brush to get it off when I'm done.

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Are you referring to clay for floors like Brotherhood Workshop uses, or the sticky stuff used to help minifigs stand on smooth surfaces and such?

If the former, Brotherhood uses Van Aken clay.

If the latter, most people use sticky tac. This can come in many names and brands (UHU tac, poster tac, blue tac, etc.), but it's basically a sticky substance, similar to clay, that isn't as messy as clay, and isn't oily.

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thanks! I just hate having to get clay all over my minifigs and sets.