Topic: Brickfilm of the Week: The Pilgrim's Son (November 28, 2015)

This week’s Brickfilm of the Week is The Pilgrim's Son by Jason Boyle.

The Pilgrim's Son is a comedy adventure 2010 brickfilm by Jason Boyle about the pilgrim Derwin's son being hunted for to be used as a sacrifice to fulfil a prophecy. It is the last of five Pilgrim films, but was made to be understandable without having seen the preceding films. Each Pilgrim film was usually released around a Thanksgiving, with the one exception being The Pilgrim's Christmas. At 25 minutes, The Pilgrim's Son is Boyle's longest brickfilm, and was considered by him to be his best.

Jason Boyle was active from 2005 to 2010. He is also known for the Spirit Stompers films, and he co-produced many brickfilms with his brothers, Colin Boyle and Ryan Boyle.

Watch The Pilgrim's Son on the Brickfilm Archive

...or watch Part 1 and Part 2 on YouTube, though the second part is blocked in America for copyright reasons.

What are your thoughts on The Pilgrim's Son? What did you like about it? Did you have a favourite moment?

Re: Brickfilm of the Week: The Pilgrim's Son (November 28, 2015)

Oh, so glad ya'll archived the whole thing. I've never seen the second part thanks to that pesky copyright issue, and have always wondered how it ended.

The entire Pilgrim series is chock-full of charm. Everything from the enjoyable characters, to the great animation and captivating plot show the love and care that went into crafting this master piece. The humor is spot-on, and the uncommon time setting only adds to the unique feel of the film.

There's not much to critique on the film. It's twenty-five minutes, but feels much shorter thanks to the great pacing and plot.
Thanks for bringing this film up! It is certainly deserving of the honor.

Re: Brickfilm of the Week: The Pilgrim's Son (November 28, 2015)

Never heard of Jason Boyle before, so I checked out the whole Pilgrim saga. They are really nice stories and I am glad I discovered them. Once you watch all of them, you really get to know the characters. They are well written, well made and it is a very original idea.

Re: Brickfilm of the Week: The Pilgrim's Son (November 28, 2015)

The Pilgrim's Son certainly feels much shorter than it actually is, thanks to the wonderful pacing provided with the concise story and pretty flawless editing. However, a few elements of the brickfilm do diminish its impact, at least in my opinion.

While the animation is stupendous, (especially the not too overused out-of-socket arm animations), the characters, and especially the comedy, can be a bit more hit-or-miss. Most of the secondary and even main characters that surround Squanto and Miles seem to be two-dimensional comic relief for the most part. And, while characters like Powanit and The Turkey can be pretty funny at times, the rest of the cast seems a bit more lackluster - especially for an investment of time such as Boyle's brickfilm is.

Doug Vandegrift's America: Outlawed is, in my opinion, a much better example of what a 20+ minute brickfilm should be, especially if it's borderline comedy in some scenes. Where Vandegrift crafted a funny throwback to classic westerns that could still have deeper character driven moments, Boyle makes a much more on-the-surface story, which, while not a bad thing, doesn't make it stand out any more than a really well done 5 to 10 minute brickfilm...

However, The Pilgrim's Son really is a fun experience. While lackluster in certain parts, the plot never drags along, and the pacing is great. I'd certainly like to watch this again around next Thanksgiving if I had a yearning to, however, as it is, The Pilgrim's Son only elicits one viewing from me.

However, I could be wrong. In time, Boyle's brickfilm could easily grow upon me... And, if it does, I'd be happy to watch over and over again.