Topic: Brickfilm of the Week: Mirrored Perspective (May 22, 2015)

This week’s Brickfilm of the Week is Mirrored Perspective by Zach Macias.

Mirrored Perspective follows the story of a man trapped in dark chamber, with only his reflection to keep him company. It was made by Zach Macias in 2006 and ultimately was nominated in four categories in the 2006 Brickfilms Achievement in Motion Pictures Awards, including Best Film. Zach Macias is a staple of the brickfilms community, both as a long-time member of and Bricks in Motion. He currently is running the 2014 Bricks in Motion Awards with Nathan Wells, and has made many films, including The Profession, Sinner Monologues, Stranger Than Fishin’, and nine films featuring his characters Ben and Andy.

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Mirrored Perspective is a great example of how a slow pace combined with specially-written music can really sell a mood. Back before Kevin MacLeod became the default music for every brickfilm (and video game Let’s Play), resident brickfilm composer Joseph Frank created custom scores for many brickfilms, including Mirrored Perspective. Combined with Zach’s thoughtful cinematography and restrained animation, the music creates moods that wanders from melancholy to hopeful.

What are your thoughts on Mirrored Perspective? What did you like about it? What do you think how the music, simple animation and slow pace tells the story? Did you have a favorite moment?

Re: Brickfilm of the Week: Mirrored Perspective (May 22, 2015)

Oh my gosh, the first time I watched this years ago I'm pretty sure I almost cried. The atmosphere in this is just so captivating and immersive. This brickfilm is a step up from your traditional brickfilm with occasional gags and comedic elements. It really started to open my eyes to just how universal and powerful brickfilming really is.

Very well done Zach, very well done.

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Yup, definitely one of the best brickfilms I have ever seen.

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Whoa, I'm a Brickfilm of the Week! I'm honored. mini/smile

The biggest inspiration behind Mirrored Perspective was Plato's Cave Allegory, something I had then-recently learned about in my high school English class. I was really fascinated by the idea of false realities and the discovery of a world more "real" than the one we perceive, a concept that I thought would adapt pretty well to the LEGO medium. I remember I was a bit nervous at the time of its release because it was a strong departure from my usual comedy output and I didn't know how people would respond to it, though I was very glad to see it received as well as it was. The challenge of animating and lighting the two characters together on the same set was a lot of fun, and I learned quite a bit on the production of this.

Joseph absolutely killed it with his musical score; the film would not be half of what it is without his work on it. I remember when I sent him the first rough cut of the film with just the sound effects, and I hated watching how awkward and quiet it was without music accompanying it. The success of this film really is indebted to him.