Topic: Post Your SigFig Head

So we all know that everyone, or at least most brick-filmers have their own sigfig. In other words a minifigure that represents them.

This in sense is similar but instead were focusing on your SigFigs head, is it rare or does it have a special meaning to you? Whatever it is, post it here and tell us a bit about it and why you chose that head. Or if you want to keep it brief you can simply post the SigFig Head.

You can post a picture of the whole minifig but for the purpose of this topic it would be better to have it cropped down to the head, or at least the head and the torso at most. As the focus is of your characters head.

So for example, below is my SigFig head:
This head was a special head for me. It was only used in my film ''The Nedaloni's Rise of Tony - The beginning''
But now I feel I would like to make more use of it.
*You can feel free to post what films your head may have been used on.
*Why you like the head.
*Anything else you may wish to add.
*Simply you can just post the Head!
How to crop?
Cropping your picture is very easy and can be done using a simple drawing application like paint.

1. Open paint.
2. Go to file and press open. Find where your image is located and select it.
3. Once it is on Paint and viewable, zoom out so you can see it. (At time it may be very zoomed in).
4. Press the selection tool. (Under view)
5. Now make a selection around the head and the neck of the torso/torso.
6. Once selected simply move the selected head to the top left of paint.
7. To finish up your pic of your Sigfig head, simply go to the end of the imagine (bottom right) and there is 3 small boxes that allow you to scale the image, simply drag it to the selected head and you are done!
8. Save as a png/jpeg file and post on BiM!

Let it begin, the thread of SigFig heads!

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Re: Post Your SigFig Head

Not to be a spoil-sport,
but I think any discussion here would be better suited for the existing sigfig thread. mini/wink