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I use two lamps to light my scenes.  I know 3 is the ideal but I find the difference between 1 lamp and 2 lamps phenomenal.  I use to be a one-lamp-will-do-I'm-not-Spielberg-lolz type of guy,  but after experimenting with two lamps there is no way I'm going back.

Anyway - if I use LAMP A on its own I don't get flicker.  If I use LAMP B on its own, I don't get flicker.  If I use BOTH lamps at the same time, I get flicker!!  Gggrrh.  They are some how interfering with each other in a way that impacts my web cam.  If I move the 2nd lamp away (but still on) the flicker reduces to nothing, but the lamp is so far away I may as well just turn it off.

I'm not clever enough in the way of electronics to understand what is happening here.  How can two lamps interfere with a web cam?  They are all separate and independent devices.  It is really thwarting my attempts at getting well lit scenes.  mini/sad

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Re: yargghhfara!!! Flicker!!

I'm no electronics guy either, but here's my two pennies:
Household electricity is Alternating Current -- 50 or 60 cycles per second. There's your first clue; it pulses. Too fast for the human eye, but it's there. I would think it would be remarkable if two separate devices like lamps pulsed in exactly the same sequence, so what your webcam is picking up is the interference between the two lamps. One or the other - fine. Both: interference. Try a second DC lamp or something...

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Yeah, I'd sorta agree with jahnocli as to the problem, although they still should cycle at the same time with no issues.

Are they the same style/brand of light? I've used up to four of a similar style and brand with no flicker, but different brands may work differently. Other than that, have you tried replacing the bulbs in either one or both?

Also, what kind of bulbs are you using?

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Have you covered the bulbs with paper? I got crazy flicker when I switched over to an LED bulb but it was completely solved with one sheet of paper.

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I had always wondered if the AC contributed to the problem I have, but I'm now shooting with a 1/125 shutter speed & am having no problems!

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Re: yargghhfara!!! Flicker!!

I wonder if it is your webcam. I had that issue with my webcam before (when I used a webcam). If I had too much light in the scene, or too little, it had strange flickering and lines in the frame. I have no idea why, but it was something to do with the exposure. Since light flicker is a very large issue, and there are so many scenarios and solutions, maybe a picture or a small video would help us understand your issue.

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