Topic: Thought this was really cool... (New Blender Feature)

Just found this on the Blender website. It's already a month or so old, so some of you might have seen it already:

Mr. Link

Basically what this new feature does is expands on Blender's 2D animation capabilities. I'm already thinking of things to use it for. I'm thinking mostly for 3D brickfilming, but I bet it could be put to use in stop-motion. Thoughts?

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Re: Thought this was really cool... (New Blender Feature)

Man, I've been wanting that feature for years. I don't use Blender quite as much as I used to, but I'd love to try this out.

As for using it in Stop-motion, I'm not sure how it would work. Though, I'd like to see someone try.

(Here's a behind-the scenes-type video of the same stuff )

I don't really understand how they are animating the grease pencil to change shapes, but I'll do some more research later to figure that out.

Oh, and is that live DoF in Blender Internal? I thought they stopped development on Blender Internal! I am really going to have to get the next version of Blender with is is released.

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Re: Thought this was really cool... (New Blender Feature)

I already knew about this. Quite cool, from a storyboarding perspective. Can't say I can really think of an application in making a final movie (beyond story-boarding) that wouldn't be better served in other ways though.

All of the grease pencil improvements are in the current official release, so you could try those out whenever you want. Basically they just expand the grease pencil from being a simple colored line drawing mechanism to being a full per-frame painting system. Basically, a grease pencil "drawing" is divided into layers. Each layer is able to be redrawn on any frame and when played back, the layer automatically changes on that frame. It is basically a decent 2d (actually even more, really, since the drawing are in 3d space...) animation tool now.

As for the DoF, it isn't part of BI, it is part of the viewport project (see here). It is actually a pretty big project that has been in the works for a while now. Promises a lot of viewport enhancements that, if they finish it, will really boost Blender's viewport in terms of features and usability.

Re: Thought this was really cool... (New Blender Feature)

I agree with AnW on the storyboarding aspect. I'm not that great of a digital drawerer, but it's more effective for me than conventional storyboarding.

As for intergration with brickfilming, it should be great for matte paintings and sorts; maybe even cartoon composition.

Re: Thought this was really cool... (New Blender Feature)

Sounds intriguing. I'll definitely be experimenting with this.

Re: Thought this was really cool... (New Blender Feature)

Didn't see the make awesome button anywhere... mini/frustrated