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I want to paint a helmet from dark gray to black, to make it look more menacing, and match a black visor. Does anybody know of a method to paint on bricks/minifig parts, so it's smooth and keeps its shiny luster?

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I would get a high gloss model spray paint do a bit of practice,  you don't want to put to much on and have it drip

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I'm not the greatest painter, but I've had some luck with acrylics (miniatures/craft paints). Enamel paint doesn't work well, spray paint is a bit iffy, and vinyl dye is expensive.

This figure's accessories (hat, gun, skirt, armour) were all done with cheap acrylics. You'll want to thin the paint with water and use multiple light coats rather than globbing it on, then add a gloss over the paint if you want it to be shiny. Do some searches for "Warhammer figure painting" to get some great tips on painting plastic miniatures using acrylics. Mrs.Claus by .:DarkDragon:., on Flickr

Eurobricks has a decent thread with some other options as well. … opic=20557

Re: Painting Bricks and Parts

Warhammer paints are produced by the Games Workshop company.  That may help your search.

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