Topic: Production Process

I have no doubt there is at least one post on this topic in the past history, but as we learn we improve and make changes...

In a nutshell, what is YOUR production process, currently?
Does it differ from how you have done it in the past? If so how?

Production process has a lot to do with what materials/equipment you have, and also what parts of a film are important to you personally. Please elaborate on all of this. I only know my own process, so I'm interested to learn how others animate.

For example: I value acting, voice characterization, and sound so I've invested in a pretty good microphone and audio editing/recording software. Not only that but my process (currently) hinges around sound.

First I have a story idea/concept - Pretty much where everyone starts.
I storyboard - set up simple sets and placement of characters and take photos of them. There is some dialogue that is associated with the storyboards.
I place the photos into my video editing timeline and stretch or shorten the length of timecode the photos occupy to match the pace of the story.
Next I begin adding sound and recording sound. I do this until the storyboards have almost completely finished sound. Sound Effects, Voice Recording, and Music are all in place before I even begin animating.
I write down in detail, notes for the timecode of each frame that corresponds to the soundeffects and voice acting. When a character emphasizes a specific word or phrase I make note of what frame numbers they are. That way, when I am animating I have their arm up or down or their expression matching what is being said in the audio track.
I animate using the notes so that my animation matches the recorded audio.
I load up the animation, make sure everything checks out and add any sound that may be required based on animation itself. (Footsteps, extra sounds that were missed in audio layout.)

Again, I don't know exactly how you all do it, so let me know if I'm totally different or if my approach does make sense.