Topic: Community Forum Guidelines

This forum is for discussing topics that aren't directly related to filmmaking and/or LEGO.  Get to know your fellow brickfilmers, outside of the context of brickfilming! We're an artistic community, so discussion of topics like photography, videogames, and other creative endeavors are encouraged, but mostly anything within the content guidelines for this site is fair game.

While the range of topics in this forum is diverse, we try to encourage real discussion and discourage posting spam, internet memes, and topics like "What did you have for breakfast this morning?"  These kinds of threads are likely to be locked by a moderator as we don't want them to drown out more worthwhile discussions.

A few guidelines:

  • If you're new and would like to introduce yourself, do so in the thread made for that purpose.

  • If you're unsure that something is important enough to justify its own thread, you're probably better off just making a mention of it in the Café Corner thread, which is meant for discussion of whatever random, small items you might want to discuss. The chat room, available below the community forum in the forum index, is also a good place to talk about whatever.

  • No birthday threads, please. With 400 active members and climbing, it's just not practical for everybody to make a thread when they have a birthday. If you're excited about a new present or something, feel free to mention it in the Café Corner thread.

  • Don't fight. A little good-natured debate is fine, but name-calling and prolonged arguments aren't fun for anybody else trying to use the forum. If you really need to settle a dispute with someone, do it somewhere outside this website.

  • Before you submit your post, look it over. Does it make sense? Try to aim for correct spelling and grammar. If English isn't your first language, just do your best. If you have nothing to really add to a conversation, a one word post like "cool" or ":lol:" just bogs down the thread, making it harder for others to read the real discussion.

  • Gifs and other meme type images are discouraged, unless your comedic brilliance cannot be denied and you've made excellent use of the image in a way that is relevant to the discussion and adds to it rather than taking away from it. Try to be reasonable about this, we don't want to see several meme posts in a row and we'll moderate to keep the forum from becoming a mess if we need to.

  • If a member violates guidelines once, we'll understand it might have been a simple mistake, provided it's not blatant, explicit spam or really strong hate type stuff. After one warning, members may be banned on a second or third offense at the discretion of the staff. If you think you've been punished out of error, feel free to contact an admin or moderator about this, but remember that threats and attempts to bypass the ban by creating more accounts are not likely to help your situation. There are other possibilities; repeat offenders can and will be denied access to post in the community forum.

  • Abide by the forum rules.  We have a wide variety of ages and demographics here, so this isn't the place for profanity and crude jokes.

  • If you come across a violation of these guidelines, don't correct the person publicly. Instead, use the "Report" button at the bottom of the post, and a moderator will look into it.

Politics and other controversial topics

Please try to avoid them. There's really no need to discuss these matters on a site devoted to making LEGO movies, but if you want to talk about this sort of thing with someone, you may do so in the chat room as long as nobody in chat at that time objects.