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Hey there,

I'm planning on making a longer film next year, but I have a dilemma:

Should my film be uploaded in five or six parts, or be released as one long film?

There are advantages to both. If I did a continuing series, I would have a video every other month, and get more views, (and maybe a few more dollars because of ads playing on my videos). If I did one single video, it would be longer, and be continuous, so people wouldn't have to wait on the next episode. Also, it would be out there so someone can watch it on their TV without clicking to the next video.

Then there are cons to both: For a continuing series, people would have to wait on the next episode, and each episode might not be as interesting without the full plot together. If I do one long movie, I might not have videos on my channel for a while, because I am busy with my film, so people might un-subscribe, and I wouldn't gain new subscribers. Also, people could only watch it in one part, so if someone didn't want to watch a long brickfilm, they wouldn't, and I wouldn't get as many hits.

What do you think? This film will have dialogue, and action, and cool stuff like that, just so you know. mini/wink

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Re: Series or One Long Movie?

It really depends on the plotline. If you are able to pull off multiple subplots that can run for the length of each episode or find a way to time plot twists and other plot devices at the end of each episode, along with the main storyline, then a series would be a great way to do it. If the story really needs a single block of time for the story to work best, then a long movie would be best.

Ultimately it is whatever you want to do, you could always tweak the script to fit one or the other (just don't do that if you are forced to sacrifice good pieces mini/tongue ).

Long brickfilms always intrigue me, I'll be looking forward to this. mini/wink

Re: Series or One Long Movie?

I'd like to see one long movie.

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Re: Series or One Long Movie?

Make it into with a bunch of episodes!

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Re: Series or One Long Movie?

I agree with Mighty. If it's really only one focuses story, with one plot it will do better as a single film. TV works episodically because of sub-plots that allow each episode to stand somewhat on it's own. If you don't have subplots within the film an episodic style may just feel disjointed. Also, as a personal opinion, I feel like comedies tend to work better in episodic style than dramas. A good example of an episodic drama is Strangers by Bionicle28. Dramas are definitely harder to do in parts than comedies, though.

Re: Series or One Long Movie?

Personally, when I watch a web series I watch the first episode when it comes out. When the second episode gets released I rewatch the first episode again.
This goes on and on, so in the end you'll find yourself having the first video with the most views, the second video and sometime the last video with the most view. In between you'll get a bit less.
I'm guessing that you're making an action film, if so then each episode needs a lasting impression, one better than the previous one to get the audiences going.
At the finale of watching a web series, I do a marathon.
I recommend a series because the pilot could get three times the amount of views compared to a featured film.


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Re: Series or One Long Movie?

I generally like things as a big thing all at once more.  I feel like longer films are more memorable.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone. I'll probably make one long movie instead of a series. I think that I will also release some short films in the year while I am still in production of my movie so that people don't think I've fallen off the face of the earth. mini/tongue

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"Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." - 1 Corinthians 10:31b