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Haha END films, way back when BiM started out animated GIFs were still allowed as profile pictures. It also helped that I did some coding for the Resources and Film directory sections for a bit.

So anyways! I've been uploading the directory in .RAR files all day. There's 24 different parts that need to be recombined before the directory is fully usable. I did not actually compress anything, so unpacking should be pretty fast. Uploading is actually pretty fast, about 10-15 minutes per part. Each file is 2GB, so downloading may take a while depending on your internet connection.

Part 1  -
Part 2  -
Part 3  -
Part 4  -
Part 5  -
Part 6  -
Part 7  -
Part 8  -
Part 9  -
Part 10 -
Part 11 -
Part 12 -

So far I've uploaded parts 1 to 12 named "Brickfilms BertL.partX.rar". I'l be uploading parts 13 to 24 tomorrow (I'll update this post as well for completion's sake). The files will only be online for one full week so I strongly recommend downloading this before the next weekend, October 25.

Since the unpacked full directory will be thousands and thousands of numbered files, I have also provided the database files I've used plus instructions on how to read them here:

EDIT: I have also included CSV files which are far more versatile when importing.

Happy downloading! mini/smile

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BertL wrote:

Haha END films, way back when BiM started out animated GIFs were still allowed as profile pictures. It also helped that I did some coding for the Resources and Film directory sections for a bit.

It must have been a bit weird back then. mini/tongue
Yours is probably the least annoying .gif you could do. mini/smile

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Yeah, I was going for a bit of a subtle effect when I did it, to make people do a double take before they realize.

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My internet has been particularly annoying this weekend (keeps cutting out), but I've manged to get parts 1-7 downloaded. I'll update you when I have parts 8-12.

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I've successfully downloaded parts 1-12! Bring on the second half!

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Hey Nathan,

I'm being overwhelmed by midterms and other stuff this week, so I don't really have the time to upload the other batch. I will be doing that next weekend, if that's ok with you.

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Not a problem at all Bert! I'll have plenty to sort through as it is! mini/smile

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Just giving another heads up - I'll be uploading the rest tomorrow (in about 24 hours from this post). mini/bigsmile

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Better late than never!

Part 13 -
Part 14 -
Part 15 -
Part 16 -
Part 17 -
Part 18 -
Part 19 -
Part 20 -
Part 21 -
Part 22 -
Part 23 -
Part 24 -

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This was just posted on Reddit: … from_1985/

It is not a "stellar" quality flick, but I think anything recorded on Super 8 in 1985 is worth preserving.

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Oh wow, this is huge. Thank you for sharing.

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I dug up another good link. Here is the filmography of early brickfilmer and ezboard member Greg Perry/supernerd23, active from 1999 to 2003. All downloads still work except for a 10-second video that was hosted by MTV which can be found here. There is also a higher quality version of the Get Smart video with audio here, but most of the others are not on YouTube.

Edit: ...and this is definitely worth a look through. I'm going to go through it tomorrow (with some help from

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Woo! Old brickfilms!

Also, Bert, I've successfully downloaded Parts 13 - 24! Thanks so much! Now we have to go through everything. mini/eek

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I don't know if you know about this yet, because I haven't been following this topic, but here are some neat old brickfilms that I think LEGO officially made. People in the comments say that they came from a VHS.

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sillypenta wrote:

Oh wow, this is huge. This is now the third known brickfilm ever made. Thank you for sharing.

Only three brickfilms have ever been made?? I feel a fool!

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I have managed to get in contact with the man who made the second ever brickfilm and he has made it available for public viewing! Here is LEGO City from 1979!

Also, I called Lift-Off the third brickfilm but now with LEGO City and the LEGO Kipper ad, I put it as the fifth brickfilm.

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That was a fun brickfilm. It captures the true essence and spirit of building LEGO cities. Plus, he made this in Texas, like me, and I think that's awesome!

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Wow! Haven't been here in a long time, but I just visited to check out THAC (yay!) and discovered this awesome project. What a great idea!
I remember researching and trying to find so many of these films when I discovered the brickfilming community a few years ago, I've actually got a lot of these downloaded and bookmarked as well (nothing you don't have already, but still...). I remember reading about some great oldies on sites I'd find on the Wayback Machine and then trying to locate them and failing, or on the contrary, occasionally uncovering some long-lost gem hidden on an obscure site. Such fun! Many of the film's on the list are the classics I visit regularly for inspiration, I love them!

Having found out about the brickfilming with actual peeps on the interwebs only a few years ago, what most interested me when I arrived, though, was finding out about the whole drama, so I've actually got tons of articles and sites from the Wayback machine saved from that research...but that's a whole other topic of brickfilming history!
It's really awesome and amazing how such a niche of a niche has this rich background, and I love being a (tiny) part of it, (even if only really) from the sidelines. This, and other projects like the documentary, really go to show what a sweet project we're all building (hehe) together.


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Another old brickfilm find for anyone interested: The Invasion by Tim Seifert and Justin Clear from 1992.

Re: The Brickfilm Archival Project

Apologies for the double post and the enormous post!

I decided instead of trickling the odd find, I would go hunt down as many old brickfilms as I possibly could. I came out with many. Here is what I could find from before 2000. It is of course still incomplete so let me know if you know of anything I have missed. I know that 1999 is lacking for sure.

Complete list of all pre-2000's LEGO animation I am aware of:

1973: En Rejse til Månen by Lars and Henrik Hassing
1973: "Lego ferie 1973" by Lars and Henrik Hassing (Some LEGO animation tests among other things)

1975: A LEGO Experience by John Lakos … 6FUrBcyvsJ
1975: The Great Lego Train Crash Disaster

1976: The House That Jack Built by Mr. Kidd?
1976: "Lego ferie jul 1976" by Lars and Henrik Hassing (one shot of stop-motion)

1977: Legokaupunki by Jari and Jyry Kuukkanen
1977: Spaceship vs Dinosaur by Martin Kennedy (amount of LEGO debatable)

1977 or 1978: A Star Wars brickfilm by Stefanie Herzer (not located; told to me in an email)

1978: A Day in the Life of a Cop by Robert Becker
1978: "Lego cutre animation super8" (not LEGO?) by Luis Ozonas
1978: One shot in this LEGO ad

1979: LEGO City by Adam Zaner
1979: LEGO Commercial

Late 70's (undetermined): "Super 8 Lego movies" by "NeeBrell productions"

80's (undetermined): Basis Reggae
80's (undetermined): "Retro-Lego" by Hefa75 (Sweden)

1977 - 1980: LEGO Animations 1977 - 1980 by Jari and Jyry Kuukkanen and friends

1980: The Day the LEGO Men Killed Dangard by Jason Wolfson
1980? (judging by LEGO sets in the film) "LEGO Animation on the Moon in 1978"
1980: LEGO Wars by Fernando Escovar
1980: Space Lego 920
1980: Scenes From Projekt RH by Stefanie Herzer … vies.shtml
1980: "Stop motion in Super 8" by Stefano Paganini
1980: The Adventures of LEGO by Matthew Kagle
1980: Huis bouwen
1980: Life on Moon Base 1 by Joey Balint and John Balint
1980?: "Lego Animation" by Johanson
1980?: Untitled by Granger Meador

1981: Kipper by Ken Turner
1981: Voyage to Saturn
1981: Familieleven
1981: "Various Stop Motion Experiments" by Adam Zaner (two shots of LEGO animation)

1982: LEGO Commercial … shortfilms
1982: GULP! by David Busch
1982: Wico's Legostad by Wico Mulder (stop-motion begins after a while)
1982: "Lego Animation 1982 8mm film" by Pasi Lahtinen

1983: "Space Lego Movie" by "SonyFMAM"
1983: Road Warrior in Space

1984: Cold War in Space
1984: Time by Gerald Stevens

1985: Lift-off! by Marc Leidy
1985: Lift-off! Outtakes by Marc Leidy
1985: The Original Movie by Dave Lennie
1985: So ein Zirkus by HARPO

1985/6: The House That Jack Built (LEGO ad)

1986: Stuff by this Italian guy

Mid '80s: LEGO Wars by David Koudys and Jake Thomas

1987: "LEGO Animation 1987 Super8" by Guy Dauchet
1987: LEGO Sports Champions by Lajos Szabó and Vianco Studio
1987? (the hospital set is from '87): TeleReggio ad

1988: Some incredibly slow stop-motion in this official shop video from the Netherlands
1988: Much better Fabuland stop-motion in the shopvideo

1989: The Magic Portal by Lindsay Fleay
1989: Oh Well by Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer
1989: Space Adventure by Christian Stage
1989: It's a Crazy Day by GKS Productions
1989: The Pirates - LEGO Commerical Film
1989: (Amazing) LEGO Pirates Ad
1989: Building Blocks by Karl and Stephanie Johanson
1989: How LEGO Bricks are Made

80's/90's (Undetermined): Various LEGO commercials

1990: "Lego video stop animation raw footage from 1990" by GKS Productions
1990: O Ceifar Parcial Duma Vida by Ana Isabel Costa, Cláudia Borges and Miguel Somsen
1990: StarLEGO by Kevin Burfitt
1990: America's Funniest Home Videos by Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer
1990: TE by Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer
1990: Japanese LEGO Pirates Ad
1990: LEGO Shopvideo '90 - Space Police
1990: LEGO Shopvideo '90 - Airport Shuttle
1990: LEGO Shopvideo '90 - M-Tron
1990: Mexican LEGO Airport ad
1990: M-Tron ad
1990: Skinhead People by Abdul, Balalino and Gabor
1990: "Lego Men Constructing a Bridge in Stop Motion Timelapse!"
1990: Mr. Charlie in "Watch Out!"
1990: Mr. Charlie in "Bad Things Happen Quickly"
1990: Mr. Charlie in "Mr. Charlie Sees The Shrink"
1990: Mr. Charlie in "The Lock Up"
1990: Krieg der Steine by HARPO

1991: Zap by David Betteridge
1991: Medieval Times by Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer
1991: Animated LEGO House by Mark Savoca
1991: LEGO Train Ad
1991: "An original Lego Movie"
1991: Happy Birthday LEGO 1

1992: Happy Birthday LEGO 2
1992: "LEGO Stop Animation" by "bonomite" and Ramone Ibanga Jr.
1992: The Invasion by Tim Seifert and Justin Clear
1992: The Ambush by Tristan Chaika
1992: Mr. Charlie in "My Own Private Chubs"
1992: Mr. Charlie in "It's a Small World After All!"
1992: "lego figure animation"
1992: Robotica
1992: Pirates of the Carribein
1992: "Ernie, Josh and Nick's Lego Movie"

1993?: Ministry - Thieves by Jason Dante Bardis
1993: Reisen til Bestemor by "JonPederJon"
1993: "Stop Aniamtion w/ Medieval Lego's 1991-1993" by Bryan Margaca
1993: A Japanese LEGO System ad
1993: Licence to Destroy by Andrew Brackenborough
1993: LEGO Film by Samuel and Erwin Weibel
1993: "The Original Lego Movie" by Derek Miller and Whit Miller
1993: "Lego Stop-motion 1993" by Ryan Bateman
1993: LEGO City
1993: Jurassic Park II
1993: "LEGO Space Adventure" by Joey Ramirez

1994: The Funhouse by Seth Kaufman … films/3899
1994: "Lego and Chess game animation" by "Movielunatic"
1994: Hangman by Alex Lotz
1994: Fast Forward by Alec Joler
1994: Japanese LEGO ad
1994: The Warp & The Weft by Bill Case
1994: Star Trek: The LEGO Generation
1994: LEGO War
1994: "Lego and Chess game animation"
1994: The Bandit by Oliver Knight
1994: The Parasite by Alexander Kubalsky
1994/5: The LEGO Movie by Animagica (CG film that was sold to LEGO)

1995: Natural Born Legomen by Matti Beramsingh
1995: Heart of Darkness by Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer
1995: The Humpin' LEGOs by Dave Lennie
1995: Train Chase by Nicolas Teeuwen
1995: Divers by Chris and Corey Munoz
1995: U.F.O. on the Ice World Nex by Chris and Corey Munoz
1995: "Pete and Jeff's Stop Motion Lego Movie"
1995: LEGO Dragon test by Paul Gyugyi!searc … nKzyDkLC4J

1996: The Western Rip Off
1996: LEGO Slates by Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer
1996: "The Original Lego Movie" by Charley Couch
1996: Pirates!!! by Nicolas Teeuwen
1996: Independence Day
1996?: Keep out Gold mine

1997: Adriens by Tony Mines
1997: Underpants Day by Tony Mines
1997: (Unknown) by "hbsfmikko" … e-in-1997/
1997: "Lego animation" by Matt and John Weet
1997: "Very Old Movie" by Stephen Lord …
1997: 9 animations by "Floating Goatee Productions":
1997: Tjad & Jasupehmo - Avaruuslimonadi by Antti Haaranen and Jaakko Huuki
1997: Space Worms by Ben Fishbein
1997: Das Monster
1997: And the Winner Is...?
1997: Macbeth: Not Quite so Tragic by Reid May and Nick Napoletano
1997: Lego Show - What's For Breakfast?
1997: "Lego spy movie"
1997: "LegoMan 3d animation"
1997: Putt Putt by Rob W. and Andrew J.
1997: Rampage by Rob W. and Andrew J.

1997: True Peril … eril2.html

Multiple results from around 1997 in this newsgroup:!searc … 0movies$20 … niman.html … iman2.html … C_sCzM3WwJ … NCLbyVr1AJ

1998: LEGO Adventurers Ad
1998: Ein Koenig Reich by Peter Tritthart
1998: Realtime Animation 1995 - 1998 by Alex Furer
1998: Siege on the Corporate Identity Plant by Rob Weychert
1998: Heat Part 2 by Rob Weychert
1998: Twelve Bucks by Rob Weychert
1998: "Lego Movie 1998"
1998: Tuikea Torsti
1998: Untitled by Brandon Smith
1998: Hamlet by Robert Arabian?
1998: The Pirate Ship by Chris Chipman

1999: "My First Brick Animation" by Doug Vandegrift
1999: Legoland by Jørn Tømmerås and Tommy Solheim
1999: Mexican Serfin TV Ads by the Retorno Tassier company
1999: The Heist by Greg Perry
1999: Ninja Action Theater by Greg Perry
1999: The Mysterious Secret Treasure of the Lost Pyramid by Greg Perry
1999: Ghost Train by Greg Perry
1999: Santa 2000 by Greg Perry
1999: Deathmatch by Johnson Riggs and Tyler Hines … ovies.html
1999: Rick & Steve Episode 1 by Q. Allan Brocka
1999: LEGO Fun by CizreK
1999: Because I Got High by Rilling Heimo
1999: Corporal Dan Revelations by Colin Williamson
1999: LEGO Troopers by André "Rhapsody" Bricout and Christophe "Evilkiss" Monnerot
1999: Sabre Duel by Kelly Jeffery and Russ Gatrell
1999: LEGO Menace by Kelly Jeffery
1999: Salt Lake Spaceport by Kelly Jeffery and Russ Gatrell
1999: Ohio Dan and the Silver Brick of Doom by Ryan and Russ Collins … k-of-doom/!searc … OHnwjzSWAJ
1999: Three by ARTEC studios (Czech Republic)
1999: "Lego Movie 1999" by "Mapfiable"
1999: Japanese Adventurers ad
1999: Japanese Ninja ad
1999: Japanese Space ad
1999: The Forest of Pingpongdor by Matthew Reynolds

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