Topic: Custom Lego Humvee

Here is my custom lego humvee (gray).  I know the wheels are yellow, this is because I ran out of white rims.  Ignore the wheels haha but feedback is appreciated. 

Picture feed here: … 036312825/

Video here: … ljIyAuW65A

Re: Custom Lego Humvee

Not shabby.  It could still use some work, but it looks pretty good from some angles.  I'm terrible at making Lego vehicles.  Mine always look like ones from 1980s Legoland sets.

Im currently scripting episodes 6 & 7 of my series.  In episode 6, I need A hummer driver and Hummer vehicle.  If you continue ot improve on the model, may I use the design for the one in my series?

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