Topic: Rain Effect?

I need help with a rain effect for the opening scene for my next project?  Any .gif files you guys can link me to?  Or what other technique should I use? Thanks!

Re: Rain Effect?

I use Squirlz Water Reflections. You can download it here.

It's super easy to use, and it's super useful.

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Re: Rain Effect?

You could also use real water like in this video.

Re: Rain Effect?

I've sprayed water onto the set between frames to achieve a rain effect in the past, but I think having some rain visible in the air helps it. For Unrenewable I created the rain layer in Sqirlz, After Effects has a particle generator that could achieve something similar as well. If you make rain in Sqirlz you'll need to use another application to layer it onto the video (probably using a "screen" blending mode, with the rain on a black backdrop in your source)