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Hi Guys
Blast from the past here. Hope you are all well.

I while ago I posted a tutorial on how to compress videos. This was a long time ago and it must be out of date now and better software out there.

I need your help guys.

I am preparing a video clip

Current file size is 81.7 MB
It is a WMV file, 1 Min 59 seconds long
Frame Width 640
Frame Height 480
Data rate 5500 kbps
Total bitrate 5692kbps
Frame rate 29 frames/second

Bit rate 192kbps
Channels 2
Audio sample 48 kHz

Here is the thing, I need to compress it down considerably for use in a Powerpoint Presentation (Office 2007 version)
The file types that Powerpoint 2007 support are listed here … 30325.aspx

I have Handbrake but I am using it wrong as the file size really isnt reducing much from 81 Mb.

I need to get this down in size so that the presentation runs smoothly with a smaller video file.

Cheers Si.

Re: Video compression question

Well I see 57 people have viewed this thread but no replies mini/sad

After much investigation it turns out that I just couldn't get this file size down under 70 MB, a saving of just over 10 MB in compression.

Handbrake appears to still be the best option for compression at present.

This YT video has some more settings I wasn't aware of and appears to be the best set up for Handbrake users for compression

Re: Video compression question

Sorry i didn't see this earlier Si665, I would have helped compress it for you!