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i've read about making legos look real, mlcad, ldraw, blender, making the renders... but after making all you want, how do you animate that? i dont know if i explain myself...


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I don't have to much knowledge of CGI Brickfilms but this tutorial is good and i hope it helps you.


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but what do I do afterwards?

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What you need:

  • Virtual Lego Models - created with LDraw, MLCad, LeoCad, BrickSmith or what ever fits your needs.

visit the virtual lego community. There you'll find links to all the above mentioned applications.

  • You'll need an 3D animation application and you have to master it. Thats the most complicated part.

I use Blender  But there are many other system. Some are free but the vast majority is payware. BUT all 3D applications I have seen so far are quite hard to use.  They give you the possibility to control every aspect of every processing step they perform. So it is easy to get lost in some 100 parameters to define a single material or surface.
For some rendered scenes and some tutorials on rendering lego in blender have a look at

After you are familiar with you 3D application you have to import your models and  optimize them for rendering and animation (repairing and/or rearranging geometry or object structure, tweaking material definitions etc.). Afterwards you store them in you render-library.

Then you compose your scene, setup the lights and background, define camera and object movements and finally you can render the scene into a movie snippet. 
Thats all mini/smile

- Spirou