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So for my THAC film, I filmed in 1280x720, which I read was true widescreen/16:9. But when I uploaded it, it had black bars all around it. I went ahead and used the tags yt:stretch=4:3 and yt:crop=16:9, but I'd rather not have to do this since the preview image still has the bars. Does anyone know why this happens, and how to avoid it?


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What did you render it as?
If the render settings were set on "Full-screen" and the footage was wide-screen, then some black bars would have appeared on the top and bottom to make the "16X9" footage "4X3". Then, if you had uploaded that, YT would have added black bars on the sides to make it (4X3) fit the ratio of the player. (16X9)

And if the added black bars happened to be the same shade of black, then it would have appeared to be a black border going all around the frame. Thus, it would have been a "16X9" video, framed by black, and made to fit a "16X9" player.

Check the rendered file for black lines on only two sides, and double-check your render settings.

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Just by reading your first sentence, I think I know what I did wrong. I filmed in HeliumFrog at 1280x720, then brought in into WLMM. But when I exported the video, I set it to the 4:3 setting, which I guess would have put the bars all around.

I exported a couple clips from my THAC film in the Widescreen format, and then uploaded the video to YT. You can watch it here, I guess that was my problem.

Thanks for the help!