Topic: Using an iPhone camera to animate.

I'm seriously thinking about doing this. In my previous film projects, I'm stuck with a 4:3 ratio on digital cameras, so I want to try my iPhone 4S camera portrait oriented to get a widescreen 16:9 look.

Have any of you guys done this? What do you think?

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Re: Using an iPhone camera to animate.

Compared to the itouch the iPhone camera is real good, it has like 8 megapixels. Problem is, the focus is automatic and I don't even know about like ISO and exposure and stuff. They do make apps for stop motion but I don't know if that makes it better, and it is much harder to keep an iPhone real still. If you choose to do this I bid you good luck mini/cat

Re: Using an iPhone camera to animate.

I attempted to do this once but there are numerous challenges to overcome. There are several stop-motion apps for the iPhone, and you would want to do some research into them before buying. An app would be pretty much essential to making a decent looking animation with the iPhone though. Some of these apps allow you to control exposure and things like focus manually which would be needed. Another obstacle to overcome would be taking the frames without touching the iPhone, as you could easily bump it dramatically and cause camera shake. An interesting way to overcome this issue is with the Earbuds that come with the iPhone. They have a little remote section on the earbud wires that allow you to adjust volume and things of that nature. As you may know, you can take a photo on the iPhone by pressing the volume buttons. So, if you hook your earbuds up to the iPhone, you can then use the controller on the earbuds as a remote trigger for the iPhone's camera. Something to be weary about though is not all applications support the volume button as a shutter button.

It can be done, but you need the proper App and a rig to put the phone on, which could easily be built out of LEGO.

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It is possible, I know a way - If you happen to use iStopmotion 3 (and subsequently would have a Mac), you can download the 'iStopmotion Remote Camera' app onto your iPhone, and over wifi, use it as a remote camera. I believe you can control manual features. If this is not the case, you don't have iStopmotion let alone a Mac, I'm sorry, but I don't know any alternatives.

A really great and highly acclaimed iPhone tripod mount is Studio Neat's Glif:

Re: Using an iPhone camera to animate.

StopMotionStudioPRO has full manual controls for iOS! I've tried it with my iPod and it worked! It's on the App Store.