Topic: How to change image or video aspect ratio to 16:9

I would to know how can I change my image's or my videos' aspect ratio to 16:9. mini/smile

I mean if I have 1080 x 720p (I don't know its aspect ratio), so how can I change it to 1280 x 720p my cutting or something another way. I want 16:9 aspect ratio to my videos in future and I can't change my camera's aspect ratio... The image sizes have always same ascpect ratio than 1080 x 720p so I can always just make my images smaller by (e.g. "Fotosizer") and if I don't use setting named: "maintain aspect ratio" it makes my image worse quality if I put the render size to 1280 x 720p. If I put 1080 x 720p it has good and original quality.

Can anyone help me. I think you can understand what am I meaning this. It's a trouble for me. mini/confused

Re: How to change image or video aspect ratio to 16:9

First, what camera do you have?

Your camera can ONLY film 1080 X 720 right? That sounds like 16 X 10 ratio to me, so it's not too bad.
Can you film higher-res pictures by any chance? If you can, then simply do so, and then crop it down in post.

You're simply not going to be able to convert it very well at that size, because while you have enough pixels for the height, you're WAY short for the width. Therefore, if you did crop it down to 16X9 ratio, the video quality would be far short of HD. If it absolutely must be 16 X 9, you can add black bars on the sides. While the video itself wouldn't be 16 X 9, the editors and video players will think it is.

Unless you don't mind a drop in overall quality, you don't have many options. I recommend sticking with what you have (16 X 10-ish) since it's not that far off, and then upgrading your camera (If that's the problem) as soon as you can.

Re: How to change image or video aspect ratio to 16:9

I have Nikon D3100 and here's the resolutions:
small = 2304 x 1536
medium = 3456 x 2304
high = 4608 x 3072

And I usually use fotosizer to resize my photos to 1080 x 720 but I would want 1280 x 720. mini/smile

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Re: How to change image or video aspect ratio to 16:9

Oh, in that case, it'll be easy!
For videos I'll need to know your video editing software.

But for still pics, take them using the "Small" setting, then bring them into GIMP and click on "rectangle select" check the "Aspect ratio" box, put in "16:9" and then make the selection as large as you can without showing any white. (You'll be cutting off portions of the picture, but that doesn't matter.) Then go up to "Image" then "Crop to selection" and once it's done you'll have a quite large 16 X 9 picture. Then you go into "Image" then "Scale" and punch in 1280 in the top box, and 720 in the bottom box. (Alternately, you could put in "1920" and "1080" for 1080p HD.)

Re: How to change image or video aspect ratio to 16:9

Yeah thanks for that too. I can do it by Paint.NET but with both photo softwares it will be slowly mini/lol Yesterday we thought it in the chat room. mini/smile

My video editing software is Adope Premiere Elements 10 and I didn't find tools like that. If I choose crop I can only make black bars bigger.

But yeah like you and me said. Or... you said it different way mini/lol the problem is solved. Special thanks to MG, Mighty Wanderer and Aquamorph and of course you Pritchart. mini/wink

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