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I know that some movies had some kind of support from Lego (there's one with a song from the Monty Pythons), should I contact them too ?

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Re: Lego rights

That one was made by Spite Your Face - LEGO's official animators.

Re: Lego rights

There's no reason why you shouldn't contact them.

However, if you are looking to get Lego to officially endorse you as a film mker (let alone support you with bricks and such) then you will not only need to be an excellent animator, you would also need a showreel of previous work that you have done to show them how good you are.

If you want to talk to other Lego enthusiasts about your films, then try joining the forums on the official Lego site. I know that all posts there are moderated (in order to prevent any malicious posts from being on their site, even for a few minutes) and I don't know what their stance is about making films with their bricks but I don't see why you shouldn't try.

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