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Finally..I have begun the offical production of Not Forgotten ( yippie! ). I have a few voice actors and I will send them their lines via PM. But I have a few more roles that I need to dish out. Please and thank you.


Lt. Wolf
A strong and courages character, mid 30s. Normal sounding
Taken by:Shclocklading

Of. Watson
A born fighter and a tough attitude, likes to get things done. Mid 40s? Old enough.
Taken by:

A new recruit to the force, quite dimwitted and clumsy, but good at heart.Normal sounding. Teenage-20s.
Taken by:Tri pod

The Chief
The leader of the force, is impatient and cross. 40s and upwards.
Taken by:

Crinimal Mastermind, evil sounding. 20s up.
Taken by: Max Butcher

Idiot. Stupid. rough sounding.
Taken by:Darkman

If you wish to try out. PM me with "Not Forgotten test line" in the subject please, and I will send you a test line. I only need a few more voices people! mini/smile


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Have my new microphone now. I'll have an attempt.

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I'm gonna try for Black.

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I messed around with my voice in Audacity and i want to try the chief and the villain.But the problem is i have IE which unlike firefox i can't see the bar above so i can't PM you.Is it ok if we do this by email?

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PM sent.  ^_^

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by the way daragh Max butcher said he still has the lines he did for black on his computer you should contact him.


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I'll try out for the chief.

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Random Parrot wrote:

By the way Daragh, Max Butcher said he still has the lines he did for black on his computer. You should contact him.

I can either Re-Send you the lines, or I can re-record them.

I dont mind at all if some-one else with more talent wants to take the role instead of me though.



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Oh, re-send them please Max. I can remeber I liked them mini/smile Since I'm finished my "break" from brickfilming, I can really buckle down and get some work done.


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Rats! I was looking forward to play Black. I PMed you for a test line Daragh, mini/blankexpression but oh well! Good luck finishing Not Forgotten.

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Aww...I'm not old enough! mini/madhead

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Are you short any voice actors Daragh ?

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I sent in lines a couple days ago.  Confirmation would be good.