Topic: Mutilating a fig, Without damaging it!

Ever wanted to bow a minifigs head off, but the silly little
Head stick making it look drab? Or want to stab a sword through
A guy, without drilling a hole in him? One simple word gives you the answer, Clay.
Now, when i said that, you cringed, didn't you? Well i tested it, again and again, and it works perfectly providing you have the right colours.
After you've modelled your arm/head/torso etc, add the nessecery parts, for your character.Then you can animate! use the plastic one for the scene up to the point of mutilation, then swap them, being careful to keep it in the right place. Make a hole, or remove the part, or whatever, then it's done! trust me, it works well.
Thanks for reading, and i hope this helps.


Re: Mutilating a fig, Without damaging it!

Could we see this technique in action? Preferably a video?

Re: Mutilating a fig, Without damaging it!

Sorry, i dont upload videos yet, but i may do soon, so watch this space.