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Hi guys ( and girls),

I need to create a big fireball effect in a kitchen where the charecter drops a frozen chicken in a deep fat frief whick sets the kitchen on fire.
But.. .

1. How do you make a fireball effect?
2. How do you make fire effect.
3. How do I show the glow of light from the fire on the charecter?
5. Can I do this with wax 2.0 and axogen composers?

There are a lot of questions here but I need help please.



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Re: Fireball effect

Sure there are many ways to do this 1st and easiest way is to see if your program already has that effect (lightning effect sometimes works if you change the color of it) see if that works if not then model and animate a fire in like milkshape/blender or something like that and put it in over the first layer of the move, if you can't do that then you could rotoscope it but it might take a few hours, lol. Or you could possibly find a video of a fire and see if layering that over it works. hope that helped

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