Topic: [Casting Call] The Story of Sergeant York

It's October 8, 1918, the end of World War I is close. Corporal York and his squad are lost in the French forests. They meet German soldiers but are outnumbered, a fight follows. It's a true happened story.

German Lieutenant Vollmer - taken

Private Muzzi - American soldier, mid 20's (1 line) - taken by RP Hoogle
1 line: "Sir, you’re holding the map upside down."

Private John - American soldier, rough, angry, mid 20's (2 lines) - taken by RP Hoogle
Testline: "Why did they give us a French map? Are we as Americans supposed to read French? What is this for kinda country??"

Corporal York - American brave soldier, about mid 20's (5 lines) - taken
Testline: "Go ahead."

Sergeant Early - American man, mid 30's  (3 lines) - taken by BertL
Testline: "Hmm... Yeah I kno--…"

German #1 - speaking German with Germans accent, tired (1 line) - taken by Darkman
1 line: "Wir haben die ganze Nacht gelaufen jetzt können wir züm ersten mal etwas essen."

German #2 - speaking German with Germans accent, scared (2 lines) - taken by Darkman
Testline: "Kamerad! Kamerad!"

If you want to try out any of those lines, please send me the testline to [email protected]


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