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Does anyone know how to make a sunset lighting effect? Kinda like a orangeish colour.
I need this effect for my new film.

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Grace Had a preety good sunset, I think it was created using a low lying lying lamp. mini/wink

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Make the light shine from the below set level up and putt red cello warp over the light (not to close to the light or you will have a fire) will give it a orange effect i do this for my films all the time.

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oh, and use a 20-30watt light

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The simplest method would be to set your white balance to Daylight and to have one strong light source. However, it would be worth trying out a two-lamp system where you put yellow or orange (not red!) transparency over one lamp and paper with a bluish color over the other. This would result in everything being lit by the "sun" from one direction, with bluish dusk lighting in the shadows.