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Is there a way in Gimp to position text in the exact same position in multiple frames without having to align each one on its own?  For example, I have a picture and I put text on it,

and then the next frame I took, I needed those words in the same location as the above picture.

I have numerous pictures I need to do this to so I hope someone can help me out.  Otherwise I might try using bafran.  Even if there is a way to do it in Gimp, which way do you think will produce the best result?

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Write the text over the picture you want, but on a separate layer. Save the text layer as a png. And then put it on the full video in your video editing software.

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Tdogg's solution is the best option, as you only need to edit one frame (which you've already done). Or, if you really want the sign in the video, paste the text layer onto each frame. You'll still have to individually edit each frame, but you won't have to re-align it each time.

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i don't like to change the subject but, did u use the 9000 for this shot?:D

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Thanks you guys.  I'm using your method right now, TDogg.  To answer your question NFfilmz, I use the Canon Rebel XSi DSLR.  I shrunk the picture in photobucket before posting it here.