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Hi friends,

Here is some information about this coming year's Brickworld event:

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The team at Brickworld is excited to announce that registration for the 2010 event at the Westin will open on January 1st. We look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago in June. We are presently updating the web site to provide an improved registration experience. The updates will be rolled into the web site over the next couple weeks and ready for January 1st.

One of the changes will be a modified home page. The home page will show the Brickworld event at the Westin and a new event called Brickworld Indy. Brickworld at the Westin in Chicago is THE convention, THE AFOL event, THE place you want to be.

Brickworld Indy is a new concept. It is a public exhibition only (similar to Saturday and Sunday of the Brickworld convention in Chicago). Brickworld Indy is a partnership between Brickworld and IndyLUG. The intent of the exhibition is to showcase the creations of IndyLUG to the public. So, there is no convention side, no online registration, no raffles, and it is not open for anyone to display. However, it will still be a fun place to hang out on Saturday & Sunday and see friends and we would love to have AFOLs around to enjoy the event.

We hope to see you in June at the Westin for Brickworld 2010!!

The theme is picked...the event kits are designed...the artwork is in process...things are in full swing. Don’t wait. Start building now and remember to include lighting for the 2nd annual World of Lights Collaboration.

Stay tuned for more information.

Regards, the Brickworld Team

Brickworld will be held June 17 - 20, 2010 at the Westin North Shore Hotel in Wheeling, IL (a suburb of Chicago).

Brickworld Indy will be held March 13 and 14, 2010 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN

Visit the Brickworld Web Site by clicking here.

As Cinema Coordinator for the event, I'm hoping to have some animation-specific things in the works. More info to come!

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Hmm, looks awesome. I won't be able to go, unfortunately, but, it looks great. What kind of "Animation-specific" things were you thinking of? mini/bigsmile

Looks great, David!


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cool, I hope you get to talk to that lego reporter like that one time, I think it was last year. mini/smile

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Head count: Who here is planning to attend Brickworld 2010?

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I was in Wheeling, IL during the 2009 BrickWorld and I didn't know mini/XD

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Ah, poop! Why is everything about brickfilming in a different state?!


I rearwy, rearwy like dinosaurs. Or something...

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mini/lol  There should be one in Minnesota. Then I could go.

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Why none ever in London? mini/sad

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They seem to love the United States, probably because thats where all these Lego Employees live.

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I wish more things happened in Connecticut. mini/sad But noooo, every lego store and event has to be at least 100 miles away.
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Real Brick wrote:

They seem to love the United States, probably because thats where all these Lego Employees live.


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So that brings the head count to... 0 people.

I know some people responded before... NewRight? ImperialScouts? Does this sound familiar?

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Paganomation wrote:

... NewRight? ImperialScouts? ...

I wonder where they are now as well, Paganomation.