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Lego : Zoo!


This is one of my best stop motions yet tell me what you think!

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Hello! I like you am a new brick film creator! I'm going to list the pros and cons of this this video and maybe it will help you later!

First the pros
Great set! Honestly the set is amazing and is one of your bigger strengths keep up the good work.
Sound affects! The sound affects are a nice addition and add to your film so keep at it!
Nice Cuts! You cut shots really well and didn't have blank frames!
Smooth animation! For the most part your animation is smooth and fits well!
Great Atmosphere! The title and beginning were very nice and gave a good aesthetic! The music was also rather nice!

Camera Shake! This is your biggest con and can be fixed easily. In your video there is a lot of camera shake and this can be fixed easily with a simple lego tripod! I have my own and can send a picture if you request!
Angles: While your shots are clean and consistent some angles are a bit disorienting!

Anyway I would love to see your next video and hope you can check mine out too!


Your walk cycle is nice but if you want to improve it here is a tutorial!

Also I understand that all these changes take a lot of effort and that making a 1:00 film like you did already takes long enough.
But honestly if you take the time to fix some stuff you will come out with an end result that maybe took twice as long but is triple as good! Keep filming!

Also I put pacing in a cons originally put now realize i just have a short attention span lol. If anything your pacing is too long but thats better than short 0.1 cuts!

Thanks, and I have a lego tripod i just built it so next video won't be as shaky thanks for the tips! and i will check out your videos to thanks!

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