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Founded in 2001, Bricks in Motion is a friendly filmmaking community devoted to the art of stop-motion animation. Most of our films, sometimes called brickfilms or LEGO movies, are created using LEGO® and other plastic brick building toys. We have an active forum for filmmakers to learn from each other and share their work, as well as an ever-growing directory of films submitted by our members, and periodic animation contests that challenge filmmakers to push their skills further.

You’ll never guess what this chicken is about to do

BricksinMotion.com has grown. This expansion continues, and sometimes the things we enjoyed so much about our dear communal endeavor to fill the world with brickfilms can fade into distant memory.

To breathe new life into our forgotten subjects, topics, and comments comes a new weekly series…

The Highlighted Topic. 

Kicking things off we'll start with the once reborn Animation Challenge topic in the forums under "General Film Discussion".

This topic presents a fun and simple challenge to animate some unique activity. Imagination and creativity are always welcome! Use it as an opportunity to expand your skill set as an animator. Challenge yourself and others, each winner passes the torch to the next challenger who selects the next subject and deadline. Simple, short, and fun. Explore the topic’s past winners to get a feel of how to compete, read the directions to know how to compete, and challenge yourself.

This animation is a favorite example of a winning submission.

Check out the Animation Challenge topic here.

PS: Can you find the chicken in the topic?

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It's that time of year again! The next Twenty-four Hour Animation contest, sponsored by Brickstuff and David Pickett & David Pagano, will be held January 7-8 of 2017. For full contest details, visit the discussion thread.

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Longtime pillars of the brickfilming community David Pagano and David Pickett, in cooperation with No Starch Press, have published a new book about how to make LEGO animations.

Whether you are just getting started or have been involved in the hobby for quite some time, this is a helpful guidebook that covers the process of making a film from start to finish. I was particularly impressed by the artful layouts and heavy use of visual aids and illustration throughout; this book has been years in the making, and the talent and hard work put into it is evident in every page.

If you're looking for a solid introduction to any aspect of how to make a LEGO animation (whether it's a very basic beginner film or something more advanced), I think this book will prove to be an invaluable resource and an enjoyable read.

The book is available through No Starch Press (includes a free eBook copy!) or on Amazon.

Questions? Comments? Discuss the book in the forums!

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Sight & Sound

We've concluded the judging process for our summer Sight & Sound animation contest! Many thanks to all of the entrants, the judges, my contest co-runner Nathan Wells, and our contest sponsors:



Without the generosity of companies like Dragonframe and Brickstuff, having great prizes for these contests wouldn't be possible. Both of them make excellent products that have a lot of use for brickfilming, and I encourage you to give them a look.

Congratulations to our prize winners as well as all animators who completed entries!

1. Draw by Mighty Wanderer

2. Sounds Like Trouble by nswihart

3. Honk Honk! by VN

For the full Top Ten results, visit the forum!

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Sight & Sound


The theme of BricksInMotion.com’s 2016 contest is Sight & Sound.

The contest will run from June 1st to September 1st. Prizes for this year’s competition are provided in part by this year’s sponsors: Dragonframe and Brickstuff



Eager to learn more? Check out the forum post for complete details on this contest!

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After deliberation and public polling, the winners of the Bricks in Motion Awards for films released in 2015 have been announced.

Visit the announcement thread to see the results and discuss!

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Bricks in Motion is proud to present the nominees for the 2015 Bricks in Motion Awards! This is an annual awards event that recognizes and celebrates excellence in brickfilming in a wide variety of categories and disciplines.

Our panel of judges have sorted through a year’s worth of films and voted on them in 11 individual categories until a final list of 5 nominees was agreed upon for each category. Very soon, we will be sending out the final ballots, and once those votes are tallied and winners chosen, they will be announced via a live awards show in the Bricks in Motion IRC Chat (more details on that later).

You can check out all of the nominees here!

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Results for the 13th Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest have been announced! Thank you to the judges, entrants, and Nathan Wells for making this contest possible. Thank you also to our contest sponsor, Brickstuff:

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After a busy 24 hours, we've got more than 60 entries to the 13th Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest! While we wait for the judges to complete the selection process for contest winners, there are plenty of entries to keep you entertained in the meantime! Check out the entries via the releases forum, or visit this official playlist for the entries uploaded to YouTube. Thank you to Brickstuff for sponsoring the competition!

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The final Brickfilm of the Week is (fittingly) The End by Graeme Allen.

The End is a 2006 brickfilm by Graeme Allen. It follows the story of two guys who are waiting around after the end of the world.

Watch The End on YouTubethen head over to the discussion thread to discuss with your fellow brickfilmers!

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