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LEGO Ninjago Ghost Fight

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A fight between ninjas and ghosts for a sacred weapon.

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That was really good! are you gonna do a behind the scenes? If you are I look forward to it!

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Well, that was awesome!

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I honestly starting watching this thinking it would be bad. I was pleasantly surprised to watch a very smooth, high quality battle scene, with some of the coolest fighting animations ive ever see.
Excellent job!

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Right from the beginning, the follow thru after their flip jumps showed me this was a higher standard of animation, and it remained consistent throughout. Excellent work. One of the best lego animations I've seen yet.

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This is one of the highest quality fight scenes i have ever seen. Great job!

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Good stuff! These are some solid foundations, you've got a lot of potential.

Don't be afraid to exaggerate motion for more dynamic action. The animation is smooth but I don't feel a great sense of weight with the characters. Swing the arms even more on the runs, make the jumps more powerful, have the characters wind up more when throwing weapons - right now the action feels restrained, so let loose!

I like the intent behind the motion blur builds, but be mindful of their practical applications. Motion blur occurs when an object travels across the image sensor faster than it can be clearly registered, but if the camera is following the action as it does at 0:55, there wouldn't be much of a blur at all. In fact, the background is what would blur.

In general, when using blurred effects, I like to keep the edges of the blur effect from touching between frames, or slightly overlapping. If the subject isn't moving far enough or fast enough for this to happen, the blur might not be justified. This is not a hard rule, just a guideline.

I look forward to seeing more from you! Thanks for sharing.