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A group of minifigs get back at their owner who tends to play too rough with them.

Created for the contest "Fooled" in March 2017. Brick lightswitch plate from

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Great work. The sound design was really detailed especially when the minifigs were building their prank. This entry may not be incredibly long and storied, but it more than makes up for that in it's charm.

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You deserve more views! Good job! mini/bigsmile

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I really enjoyed this and also congrats on winning the Fooled Competition. I thought the sound design was one of this video's strong points as well as unique the take on the theme. I'd say the animation was a tad choppy at points, however I appreciate it probably wasn't easy to animate human sized objects! mini/lol

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This film is a lot of fun! It's always nice to see minifigs breaking out into the real world.