Re: When is THAC7 coming?

You missed the THAC 6 (winter) by about a month.

Yeah, that I did. But I wouldn't have been in a position to work on it even if I had known before.

I pronounce it THAC.

Very insightful, I must say mini/smile But that sounds about good.
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Re: When is THAC7 coming?

By winter are we thinking holidays or regular school days?
I like twice a year. But if it's too much for Steve we can have
another one for the summer/winter, and then again Steve for the others.

-Donsalvatore, like a rubix cube.

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Re: When is THAC7 coming?

Nah, we've got BRAWL, to fix the THAC gap.

And it's Rubik's, to Rubix. mini/wink

Re: When is THAC7 coming?

I prefer THAC during the days following Christmas because it gives us a chance to build all the sets we got for Christmas/Chanukkah/any other religious holidays during the last week of December.

PS: What does BRAWL stand for?

Re: When is THAC7 coming?

BRAWL: Brickfilm rapidly all week long
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Re: When is THAC7 coming?

Well, if you are bored and want to enter a contest were you only need to make a short film you could always enter the Quick Short Advertising Contest.


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