Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde [CLOSED]

Friday will work the best for me...

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Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde [CLOSED]

I see to be a little late in posting my favorites, but it takes awhile to watch 2 hours, 5 minutes, and 59 seconds of brickfilms (the longest is Mr. Bad Frame; which is 9:23).  In alphabetical order of the animator's name, the ones I thought fit the theme best are;

Ye Giants of Olde (ancientbricks), for being filmed in 3D (people may have done this before, but I haven't seen it).
Brick Battle (BuilderBrothers), for using a battle to display creative ways of using basic bricks as weapons (and self-improvement in animation).
It's a Pleasure to meet you (NiceGuy1130), for bringing two different types of animation together.
Zombie: Genesis (Nick Durron), for successfully animating a "making of" film (and self-improvement in storyline).

Note: These are not necessarily what I think the first, second, and third (and fourth) places should be.
One hour left!

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