Re: Bricks in Motion Trailer!

There still hasnt been any comment in regards to its due date, can anyone make a comment for this? As im pretty excited to see the documentary.

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Re: Bricks in Motion Trailer!

Over in the other Bricks in Motion Documentary thread, Sméagol said:

It could be close to a year, unfortunately, but it will hopefully screen at film festivals that can be attended by the general public before then.

To explain, I want to submit the film to festivals so the film can get the exposure and accolade that come with that. Once the last festival that we get accepted to has screened the film, I can release it publicly.

It really sucks that the state of indie film distribution is such that this could take close to a year, because of "premiere" requirements by festivals, but it's either that or not being able to show it in festivals, and I think that'll be important to getting it seen by people outside our community. Normally, nobody would have seen it before festivals, but since this was crowdfunded I felt I had to give the people who funded it a chance to see it.