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Has anyone got anything to say about this film, or shall I choose something else?

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Hey, so I don't really know how the film picking thing goes if no one comments on a film, but this thread's been a little bit inactive for a while, and I'd hate to see it die, so I thought I'd try and break the silence.

I didn't watch Frequency this week but I watched it around a year ago and thought it was pretty good. Around the level of, "Well, that was good, but I don't wanna watch it that again that much, especially not a year from now." Not trying to diss your choice, William Osborne, because I think the movie's definitely worth watching if you haven't seen it and like a solid sci-fi film. I was hesitant to post about it because I hadn't actually watched it this week, though.

I remember thinking that the time-travel element didn't quite make sense, because...

Spoiler (click to read)

...what makes an event cascade into the future? There are two timelines going at the same time, which works, but if he makes his dad survive and his mom die (in the same call, as far as I remember; correct me if I'm wrong on this), why does he get all the memories of his dad being alive instantly. That event has cascaded into the future. But only later in the other timeline, when his mom is murdered, does he remember her dying. He causes the two things to happen with the same call, so shouldn't he get the memory instantly?

I'm sure you can do this with most time travel movies (in Back to the Future, he'd disappear right when he messes up his mom and dad's first meeting, right?) but I thought it was worth mentioning.

It's Sonjira's turn in the rotation if you don't want to pick another movie, William Osborne (or if Willow Tree says it's Sonjira's turn now).

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Thanks for your comment. I blame myself for picking a movie that obviously not many of them on BIM have watched. Sonjira can have his turn if he wants, but if anyone else has anything to say about Frequency before the date of discussing the next film, that would be great.

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No prob, Will! Here's a film that I absolutely love, is on Netflix, and it's like barely over an hour:

This week's film:
It's Such a Beautiful Day
Directed By:
Don Hertzfeldt
Year Released: 2012
Starring: Don Hertzfeldt

Schedule for this week's film
March 8-13 watch It's Such a Beautiful Day
March 14th-20th: discuss and watch next film

If anyone's ever seen the animated short "Rejected", where it's segments that are like "MY SPOON IS TOO BIG", it's a feature film by the same guy. Trust me though, it's not what you're expecting.
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William Osborne wrote:

I blame myself for picking a movie that obviously not many of them on BIM have watched.

Naw, it was a great choice! I think a big part of this thread is seeing films that you haven't seen before; it just depends if people have access to/interest in watching the film you picked, which you can never really predict.

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Is this still going on? I was hoping to be able to start keeping up with this. mini/tongue