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rioforce wrote:

My 2015 Brickfilming Goals

  • Make a "feature-length" (10 mins  or so) brickfilm

  • Perfect my animation (especially easing and pacing) and develop a unique style of animation

  • Make films of different genres (like romance, tragedy, musical, pirates, etc.)

  • Well, this didn't happen. I reduced Princess Storm to a five minute film, but production only started last month. (I was too busy getting distracted by contests mini/tongue )

  • I do think I am getting better, I've seen some major improvement since the start of the year. Especially since I got Dragonframe (even though I haven't made much of my improved animation public yet)

  • I have been making films of different genres. Not as many as I had hoped, but hey, there's another year coming up!

Can't wait for 2016, it'll be great. I hope we have another topic like this next year so we can see how we failed ACHIEVED our goals! mini/wink

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Re: The 2015 Personal Brickfilming Goals Challenge

Me, ages ago wrote:
  • Finish my as-yet-untitled Hun brickfilm by August.

  • Animate a brick-built character convincingly.

  • Do at least two more episodes of Vampire Town.

Weeelllll...I didn't get very far with these. I had started the MBU by the time these goals were set but I didn't know how much of my brickfilming time it was going to take up.

  • The Hun brickfilm has a title, Ghosts of War, and made it through several stages of pre-production, but no further as yet. That said, it's definitely something I intend to do, and will be a priority brickfilm for me come 2016.

  • Don't think I even attempted this in the end.

  • This is the goal I succeeded at: two episodes of Vampire Town successfully released! Vampire Booze and Vampire Egress. I'm pretty pleased with both of them, though admittedly Booze in particular was rushed in parts. Still, goal achieved.

One out of three is fine for me, especially since overall they were so specific. I'm more of a spontaneous guy when it comes to brickfilming, hence why I feel so much more comfortable with shorts than with longform projects, and while I didn't make Ghosts of War in 2015, it's definitely high on my list of priorities for 2016 (along with some live-action shorts, one for uni and one not). I'm not disappointed in myself at all; I actually produced eighteen 'proper' brickfilms this year, and I'm pretty happy with the majority of them (though thanks to rendering issues I'm no longer able to solve, my Black Panther animation is a bit of a sore subject). A lot of those were for the MBU, to try and get it moving while it was in its infancy, but over the last year I've met so many great people who were shaping the project in unique ways I'd never have thought of, so I can relax my grip and move back to a wider variety of projects.
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Re: The 2015 Personal Brickfilming Goals Challenge

jasper wrote:
  • Get better at making music

  • Reach forty subscribers at least

  • Use more voices than mine in my brickfilms

I feel like I accomplished much this year. I got better at making music, I reached 80 subs, and I have more than my own voice. Also, for the first time, I placed in the top ten in a competition. That is an accomplishment.

Re: The 2015 Personal Brickfilming Goals Challenge

SlothPaladin wrote:

My goals:

  • Enter THAC (starting easy)

  • Finish my new chicken project sometime between June and September

  • Write a 10-15 page script and get pre-production done before the next year

HA! Well I entered THAC, guess that is something.

An unplanned move interrupted the filming of my Chicken project and I am not sure that I even want to do a long project as my next project so the 10-15 page script thing is sort of on the back burner, I feel like that last goal was about my whale pirate ship movie which I still want to make, but as of now I do not have the time or money to make it happen.

On a high note I got my first freelance stop-motion gig in over a decade and it should be online by New Years day.

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legoguy501 wrote:

1. Start animating again.
2. Finish an action film I began 2.5 years ago.
3. Begin filming a movie that I've had scripted for a long time.

Thankfully, I accomplished #1, and have even been working hard on the visual effects of #2 the past couple of weeks...maybe I can finish it soon. As for #3, I have yet to begin, but have become greatly inspired by seeing Bound, which will hopefully motivate me to actually work on the project this coming year. And on a side note, I entered my second competition ever, and fared well in it, so that's a large enough accomplishment to me.
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Re: The 2015 Personal Brickfilming Goals Challenge

I haven't really checked this since mid-September, so, I'm expecting it to be mostly failures, even though, this year, I really feel like I've accomplished a lot behind the scenes. So, while my brickfilm out put may have been null, I really took the time to set up my studio, organize through my LEGO, and prepare for 2016...

Start a weekly brickfilm series (Sliders)
I'm really pushing for The CinematiCritics show to begin next week, perhaps with just me as a solo host... But, Sliders is still at least 6 months away from being released. I guess I'll write this one up as a half point - I am going to do some weekly brickfilm series, but, not the ones I originally hoped for.

Score over 30 brickfilms over the next year
Again, I accomplished this, but not in the way I intended. I did score over 30 different pieces of music this year, however, only a handful were featured in released brickfilms... So, another half-completion point?

Finish my 5 years in the making Johnny Thunder brickfilm
Still on the rocks. I'd love to return to a 2013 idea, flesh it out a bit more, and create that, however, my sights are still on Alpha Team right now... well, Alpha Team and a slew of original ideas! mini/smile

Make one brickfilm that features an all star cast of brickfilmers (like Vandy, Smeagol, and Nathan Wells)
THAC certainly won't feature those three voices (unless they are available...) but, I'm certainly looking forward to doing something like this in 2016... maybe even 2... or 3...

So, overall, I did a whole lot better than I thought I would have. For setting the goals so high at the beginning of 2015, I'm glad to have actually accomplished some in one way or another. I can't wait till we all reveal our 2016 goals! mini/smile

Re: The 2015 Personal Brickfilming Goals Challenge

So...I never did announce my goals for last year. Meant to, just never did.
Probably because I didn't want to see myself publicly fail.
But here they are, and remarkably enough, I actually nailed several of them.

1. Make a large-scale, original and stand-alone brickfilm. -Success!-]
2. Make another Biblical/Allegorical film. -Success!-]
"And Men Loved Darkness" nailed both of those goals. I wanted something that I could show off to people unfamiliar with brickfilming that was high-quality, and that film accomplished that wonderfully.

3. Make a film for one of my professors.   -Success!-]
It's not worth showing off here, but one of my professors was bugging me about filming a quick idea he had. I did, and it became a bit of a hit around the school.

4. Document the making of my films more thoroughly.  -Success-ish-]
Sure, I didn't release a Making-of video for my D/L film like I intended to, but I got the pictures out. Took pictures of nearly every set I built this year, and got more active about posting such things.

5. Delve deeper into visual effects. -Failure-]
I've done a bit of lightsaber/blaster work, and a bit of complicated masking, but otherwise, I haven't experiemented with post-production effects at all.

6. Enter all the major BiM contests. -Failure-]
Not really my fault, but I was at school for BRAWL and TCOTYL Contests and couldn't enter.

I'm still trying to figure out any goals for this year. Obviously enter THAC, and finish the couple of little projects I'm working on now, but I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to devote to brickfilming, so I don't want to set my sights too high.

Re: The 2015 Personal Brickfilming Goals Challenge

My main intent was to finish Darkmoor, but, alas, it is not yet finished.  But there is next October at least.

However, I am quite pleased that I succeeded in completing a side project, so I did managed to release one film in 2,015.  And I am the Night is almost ready, I just need my sister to finish the score.  I'm glad I sis what i needed to finish it up.

Also, I continued with a resolution which has become a permanent habit for me, which is to animate at least something at least once every month.  Sometimes it's only a really small thing, but it still helps keep whatever I use to animate be somewhat less rusty.  So there is that.

Haven't made any resolutions for this year, except of course I'll be continuing to finish Darkmoor.  It wasn't a total success, but I'm much closer this time than I was before, and I'm another year wiser.

Re: The 2015 Personal Brickfilming Goals Challenge

My Goals for 2016:

  • Finish Tenebris by the end of April
    Make a non-violence themed film (ie. not including shooting or dying)
    Script a short brickfilm, but with an in depth and more complex story.