Re: Logitech c920, Whats the best capture software for this?

Not exactly software related, but a note on the resolution settings of the C920. I've noticed that the larger the resolution you set it to, the less you can zoom. For example at 320x240 you can zoom a lot, whereas at 1920x1080 you can zoom a tiny bit, and at max resolution you can't zoom at all. This is because it's using digital zoom, which in fact means cropping the image and enlarging it to the output size. Not the best way to do zoom, quality wise. If at a higher resolution you can't zoom in as much as you want, no worries, because you can crop in on it in editing and it will be the same principal of how the zoom works in this camera. I'm guessing the best approach would be to pick the max resolution your software will allow, and then either physically move the camera as needed and/or crop in post.