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Read the original post, Maron. He wants to make a MOC, not a brickfilm. What's he going to do, make minifig holograms? mini/rolleyes

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I was in a bidding race last night for 3 lego imperial soldiers, it went up to 14 dollars and I lost.

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I want a Lotus Exige, but I don't want to spend more than $25.

It's a noble cause, I suppose, but some things just can't be done. Up the budget or decrease the numbers. Sorry to be the killjoy.

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Look at the ebay offer I posted mini/wink

Happy THACing mini/sunnies

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Sean wrote:
Kinzcove wrote:

get more of my classmates interested in legos and maybe history.


Sorry, that's one of my pet peeves mini/wink


And that is one of mine
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A bit late for that aren't we?

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Well now I have only 10 dollars. There was a deal at toys r us for any item over $30.00 comes with a free bucket of 221 pieces of lego. My friend bought me 5 lego soldiers for 17 dollars.