King Kong on LEGO 21046 Empire State (Speed) Building

Directed By: Steffen Troeger

Genre: Parody, Adventure, Horror, Comedy
Length: 0:2:24
Released: June 16th, 2019

Content Advisory:  moderate violence.

Director's Comments

this is a mixture-clip of animation, speedbuild and making-of,
showing LEGO Architecture 21046 Empire State Building, NYC - what i made as a present to myself - in speedbuilding and a "microscale" animation with Doctor King Kong (Stuntman).

No Policemen and Taxidrivers got hurt while filming!

I made this clips to reanimate my YouTube-Channel and maybe get some subscribers, finding this random and like what they see - some of my best performing clips on YT were speedbuild crazyness - so why not showing a animation afterwards? and as a bonus: a making of timelapse. It also was fun to animate and it is a massive cool Set.

have fun with King Kong in New York City :)

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