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#fartgate (The Wet Shot Heard Across Party Lines)

Directed By: Woodrow Village

Genre: Comedy, Parody, History, Mystery
Length: 00:25
Released: November 24th, 2019

Director's Comments


Finally, an investigation the whole country can get behind, #fartgate. Who blew the wet shot that was fired across party lines and heard across the country? Was it California congressman Eric Swalwell, or known flatulenciér and host of MSNBS’s Hard Balls, Chris Matthews? Don’t believe the deep fake videos on cable news or coffee cup conspiracy clowns!

While the identity of the Whistleblower is still unknown, Woodrow Village has obtained previously unseen, un-doctored video confirming the identity of the Colon Blower to be…

© 2019 Woodrow Village Films (Animation/Stunt Farting)

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