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LEGO SPACE PIZZA: A very short short-- 4K original stop motion animation

Directed By: GUATEMAX animations

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Length: 01:30
Released: April 13th, 2018

Director's Comments

*2018 Utah Digital Media Arts Festival Stop Motion Animation 1st place winner*

Set in the far reaches of space, Space Pizza Delivery “Boi” Samuel has received the next location to deliver the craved pizza. Being an amputee handed boy, you can see him deliver the pizza with only one hand. Happily, he reaches the unknown planet to deliver the pizza. Little does Samuel know what Jackson, the customer, has in store for him on this planet crazy planet.

video by: Stephany Melissa Alfaro Barrera.
Cast: Samuele Alfaro and Haroldo Alfaro.

A very unique video as I used natural light, my giant water bug (I am a hobbyist bug collector) and full facial animation!
Took 6 months to make as I had to record at a specific time in the days where there are no clouds and the sun was at a specific angle, and facial animation was a first time for me.

Used Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro CC, Animate CC, and Audacity.

GUATEMAX Animations

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