Siegfried der Vermeintliche

Directed By: Jack

Genre: History, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Length: 0:5:15
Released: May 20th, 2018

Content Advisory:  mild language.

Director's Comments

Siegfried is everyones hero – but he doesn't like that title.
Sice he never slayed agiant or did any other deed to be heroic, he thinks of himself as no hero at all. But Siegfried is lucky. He has a bunch of good friends, who help him feel comfortable and then a dragon.. or lindwyrm(?) appears near the village and everybody is frightend.
Siegfried grabbs his chance to finally become the hero, he wants to be.
See what happens.

Siegfried and the "Niebelungenlied" is an old german legend. From generation to generation it was passed and still there are people who search for relics of this old saga.

English subtitles aviable.

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