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Der kleine (eckige) Erziehungsratgeber "RECHERCHE"

Directed By: Steffen Troeger

Genre: Comedy, Drama, History, Parody
Length: 04:50
Released: June 8th, 2019

Director's Comments

This is my film for STEINEREI 2019, german brickfilmfestival.
It won: best animation and best voices.
i hope to get a english voice version soon - english captions are already there.

Story behind the production of that clip:
"Der kleine Erziehungsratgeber" is a Radio-Comedy (broadcasted on a lot of public radio-stations at german broadcast Unit ARD).
I was listening to"Recherche" and believed not my own ears, hearing the boy talking about "going in the web for reading up on GOETHE for german lesson" and finding a LEGO animations with Goethe poems... and lot more brickfilms. And suddenly everything is about LEGO animation...

i called the producer, he found funny, it was my old Goethe clips they watched and scripted it into an episode  - i found everything funny and asked for permission to make an animated short out of his radio-comedy, consequentially out of LEGO-Bricks.

so, remix is a remix, is a remix and here we are,
three years later (project was sleeping well and good for a long time in my head - already smelling a bit like a good dry aged german ham from Schwarzwald).

original radio-comedy was about 1M30S

sorry, for just having a german voice version at the moment....

but that is the original -

have fun


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